September 2018 Digest

News: Congratulations to the 50 Nominees of the Life Science Industry Awards

BioInformatics Inc. is hosting the Life Science Industry Awards at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego this year. We have 50 companies who’ve been nominated in 10 different categories.

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Announcement: 2018 Bioprocessing Market Analysis and Perspectives

Bio-manufacturing instruments and techniques have become influential in everything from generating high yield pharmaceutical precursors, to biofuel conversion from biomass. This report delves into market size and growth data for bioreactors, cell culture and media, supplements, filtration, and process chromatography, covering both upstream and downstream processes. The report will also have results from a survey of 200+ end user scientists.

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Promo: The 2017 Market for Research Antibodies: Keys to Success for Commercial Suppliers

A valuable resource for understanding the various criteria laboratories use to choose their antibodies suppliers and the critical touchpoints in the purchasing process where suppliers can influence this decision. More specifically, this report covers how antibodies are ordered is documented, with an emphasis on typical size of purchases, average spend, projected spend, preferred ordering channels and likelihood to repurchase.

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Tool Kit: Good Ads. Good Brands. Good Business. Advertising Research for Life Science Companies

We’ve put together a quick overview of some of the techniques we use to help our clients make their advertising more effective and impactful.

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Blog: The Content & Media Preferences of Life Scientists

On an almost daily basis, scientists are inundated with life science ads, images, discounts, and promotions. Suppliers who understand when and why scientists find advertising useful have a greater opportunity to inform and influence potential customers across multiple media.

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