September 2019 Digest

News: IMV Announces 2019 ServiceTrak™ Imaging Award Winners for Radiation Oncology

On September 15, IMV, part of Science and Medicine Group and the leading market research and business intelligence provider to the medical imaging industry, announced the category winners of the 2019 IMV ServiceTrak™ Imaging Awards for Radiation Oncology.

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New Release: Asia Pacific Opportunities for Instrumentation: Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and Oceania

The greater Asia Pacific region is home to a number of extremely diverse countries ranging from advanced technological hubs to emerging economies. Countries like Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Australia are already major players on the world stage in industries like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, semiconductors, and mining. Elsewhere some of the fastest growing economies in the developing world can be found in Southeast Asia. This report provides the market size and growth for the next five years for 10 different analytical instrumentation categories.

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Tool Kit: Entering New Markets

Companies can enter a new market through internal development, a joint venture, or an acquisition. It is both an exciting and challenging endeavor. Unfortunately, new market entry because the market is experiencing a higher than usual growth rate, because it is seemingly growing faster compared to competing markets, or simply because the opportunity appears to have a profitable outcome are frequently seen.

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Promo: The 2018 Japan Analytical Instrument Market

The size of Japan’s economy is only surpassed by those of the United States and China. This is reflected in the country’s overall market demand for analytical instrumentation, predicted to grow to $6.5 billion in 2022, as foreign suppliers continue to compete for market share with numerous Japanese suppliers.

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Blog: Five Facts about Asia Pacific: Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and Oceania

We found that the market for analytical instrumentation has remained strong in the mid-to-high single-digits over the past few years, with this trend expected to continue. Diversity permeates Asia Pacific on every level: economically, politically, and geographically. As a result of this diversity, we’re highlighting five facts to give you a better understanding of the region.

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Trending from Instrument Business Outlook: Latest R&D Figures for Japan Show a Return to Growth

In fiscal year (FY) 2019 (ending March 31), Japan’s R&D spending as a percentage of GDP rose for the first time since FY16 to 3.48%, according to the recently published Statistical Handbook of Japan, prepared by Statistics Japan.

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The Science Advisory Board Highlights: Is nanomedicine a feasible option for the pharmaceutical industry?

From the 4th Peptide Drug Design & Delivery Summit — “Michael Mitchell, PhD, Skirkanich Assistant Professor of Innovation at the University of Pennsylvania, is working on developing cancer vaccines, with the goal of delivering genetic material into target tissues and cells.”

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