News: Congratulations to the 22 Finalists of the Life Science Industry Awards 22 Finalists have been named in 10 different categories! BioInformatics Inc. is hosting the Life Science Industry Awards at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego this year. Click here to see the finalists and explore the categories for awards. Click here for a ticket to attend […]

News: Congratulations to the 50 Nominees of the Life Science Industry Awards BioInformatics Inc. is hosting the Life Science Industry Awards at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego this year. We have 50 companies who’ve been nominated in 10 different categories. Click here to see the nominees and explore the categories for awards.   Announcement: 2018 Bioprocessing Market […]

Hosted by BioInformatics Inc, and IMV Info, this free webinar will give you more insight on the various factors that influence the market. We touch on results from a survey of 107 clinical laboratory professionals highlight the impact of new molecular/genetic tests in centralized laboratories and Medicare Part B cuts as the most important disruptions […]

Lost customers are those that your company has somehow failed. In today’s biotechnology market, you can not afford to repeat past mistakes. Lost customers represent an important source of information regarding the performance of your products and your business practices. Even more importantly, they represent a second chance to “do it right.” Click here for a […]

A scientist’s purchasing decision is influenced by much more than price, availability, or even the quality of the product. Awareness, perceptions, and brand loyalty are all significant factors in choosing one supplier over another. Click here for a complementary guide to help you better gauge how to build brand equity at every touchpoint of the customer journey! 

Entering a New Market As A Vehicle for Growth In the highly competitive life science industry, companies assess options before entering a new market, often by using opportunity analysis tools.  However, employing such tools without gathering unbiased market data and insights only illustrates internal stakeholders’ guesses, which may be far from reality. (“Entering New Markets: […]

Is Quality, Price, Size, or Brand Most Important? When a scientist compares products to decide which to purchase, they most often make tradeoffs on performance, quality and price.  It is by considering features and price together that scientists determine which product format will provide the key value to meet their needs.  If your product package […]

A personal recommendation from colleagues is considered the most influential source when purchasing a new product or service (source: MLS 2005)   Are your customers recommending or disparaging your brand? Maintaining satisfied customers does more than just provide repeat purchases; it is also the biggest factor generating new sales and growth for your company. The […]